How Manchester Organisations Are Boosting Security With Bespoke Software

How Manchester Organisations Are Boosting Security With Bespoke Software Did you know that Manchester organisations are increasingly turning to bespoke software to boost their security measures? In fact, a recent study found that 75% of businesses in Manchester have invested in customised software solutions to enhance their protection against cyber threats. This statistic highlights the…

In the digital age, security stands paramount in any online venture’s success. As we venture into the depths of the technological revolution, Security Solutions emerge as gatekeepers, protecting businesses, their valuable data, and clientele base. Addressing a facet as wide as security can be daunting, considering its diverse arms extending into areas such as cybersecurity, application security, information security, network security, and many more. However, acknowledging the centrality of completing this herculean task is essential; considering that these segments collectively work towards establishing a secure environment for business operations.

In the realm of software/app/web development, Security Solutions often take the shape of bespoke systems tailor-made for individual businesses. Organisations seek out these custom avenues rather than off-the-shelf approaches to address unique business-specific security challenges adequately. For example, a finance sector-focused firm would require a different security solution than a healthcare-focused one; thus, underlining the importance of individualised solutions.

Reflecting on industry trends, a shift towards increased use of cloud-based platforms comes hand-in-hand with an increased focus on cloud security. Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst in this scenario, causing a surge in remote work culture and the need for robust remote security solutions. According to a report by Forrester, the global cloud security market is anticipated to reach $12.7 billion by 2023, a clear pointer to where the industry is headed.

Moreover, with more than 8.4 billion IoT devices currently in use according to Gartner, and estimates of this number reaching 20.4 billion by 2020, IoT Security stands as an emerging and crucial segment. Similarly, with cybercrime predicted to result in a staggering $6 trillion annual loss globally by 2021, as per a study by Cybersecurity Ventures, businesses can ill-afford to ignore timely and effective implementation of security protocols.

However, the rapidly changing and improving nature of security threats calls for constantly evolving Security Solutions. Vectra’s 2020 Spotlight Report on Healthcare highlighted an increasing shift from long-drawn targeted attacks towards high speed automated attacks, demonstrating the adaptive nature of security threats. This clearly indicates that businesses cannot afford to view security as a one-time investment but must integrate it as a continuous and evolving business process.

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